Training & Exercising

Training and exercising is a critical component of an effective issues and crisis management program. It increases team cohesion, improves individual understanding, validates and improves written plans and helps an organization become crisis ready. A program without training is like a cake recipe without ingredients – good on paper but unlikely to rise to the occasion.

Tailored To Your Needs & Your Team

SantePlus has developed a wide range of training approaches to meet the various needs of our clients based on program maturity, team member experience or concern about an organization’s ability to meet an emerging risk or highly visible threat.

Our objective is to make sure the session is highly valuable for all attendees and that a clear set of observations and recommendations are available to drive future readiness enhancement.

SantePlus offer different types of training and exercising programs including Crisis Leadership Exercises. Barring an actual crisis, exercising is the best way to improve your team’s crisis management capability.

We design and deliver crisis response programs to help teams manage serious incidents more effectively. The focus is on the human factors and human dynamics aspects, and effective leadership strategies to enhance performance under super-stressed conditions.