Crisis Leadership Training

While the risk to an organization is large, the personal risk to executives is even more significant. Crises can be a great leveler and this seminar focuses on the nature of a crisis and the hallmarks of effective crisis leadership.

SantePlus’s crisis leadership sessions are tailored to the risks, recent experiences and leadership expectations of the organization. Topics cover:
• The nature of crisis
• The critical elements of decision making in a crisis and how it differs from business-as-usual
• The hallmarks of effective crisis leadership
• Team dynamics and how to avoid group-think and get the best out of your team
• Communications and speaking with the press, or not
• The role first responders, government agencies and myriad of other civic institutions have in responding to a disaster event
• The importance of community engagement before, during and after a crisis event
• Externalities, including political pressure and unrelated events
• Understanding the human factor – both on your organization and yourself

In addition to facilitated discussions about these issues, attendees will also participate in a number of crisis exercises that will test risk-awareness, fast decision-making, and building collaboration during intense pressure situations.

For decades Dr. Corneil has been in leadership roles with organizations handling crisis and he knows what works, what doesn’t, and how to prevent needlessly making the situation even worse. He’ll help you avoid the mistakes that many organizations make as well as seize potential opportunities that a crisis can present. He takes that knowledge and experience and through a collaborative process, helps your organization develop or enhance your crisis management and crisis communications plans.